Centrum voor constructivisme en concrete kunst
centre pour le constructivisme et l'art concret
center for constructivism and concrete art
Konstruktivismus und Konkrete Kunst Zentrum

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from mai 03 until august 22


Geometry under tension

Exceeding the strict boundaries of geometry. Always faithful to the square, Gaël Bourmaud also marks a preference for the triangle whose limits he explores in new ways. He stretches the margins. Visual ambivalences of achievements that are the negative equivalent of those that preceded them. Receptacle of a colored energy. Flight lines extending contours without colors: now white, they fade, are no longer border and merge into space. Habits foiled. Dilemma: affirmed materiality of a work whose presence is invalidated by the same plastic processes it selves. Ambivalence that makes us aware of the fragility of our certainties.
( Domitille d'Orgeval "
Le mouvement est inconnaissable " 2013) 3)


                                                                     E_B_28 75 x 63 x 6 cm    2015                                    Hors Plan 4  2017  70 x 80 x 6 cm                                       Hors Plan 4_coté  2017  70 x 80 x 6 cm                                   Évolution du carré 6  2012  46x50.5x5 cm
                                                                  Acrylique sur toile marouflée                                     Acrylique sur toile marouflée et bois                                 Acrylique sur toile marouflée et bois                                     Acrylique sur toile marouflée

(foto's Gaël Baurmaud)

Henri Prosi (1936 - 2010)

The complexity of the world Translated

Henri Prosi always found the perfect conjugation of full and empty, presence or absence. His work follows a strong concrete combinatorial abstraction, a scheme with the three primary colors plus black and white and with the accentuation of lines, bands, squares or rectangles. The works are based on movement,  asymmetry and fragmentation and are neutral without any kind of anecdotal and without any reference to any master. Henri Prosi plays with space and relief, his works are similar to syncopation in jazz. Henri was an ardent defender of geometric abstraction. For example, from 1984 he took part in the international show of abstract artists "Réalités Nouvelles" in Paris and in 2000 became vice-chairman of this event.  


                                                                                                                           CARRÉS SUPERPOSÉS (83)  - 1986 - 60 x 60 cm acrylique sur toile                                                               FORME DOUBLE (595) -2001 - 40 X 40 cm acrylique sur toile                   

(foto's: Gaël Baurmaud)


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